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At Pixtell Labs we believe that there is a lot more to be done to make Apps and Games engaging and fun !

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Core Business Areas

Game Art & Design

Design and Art for games and illustrations

Game Development

Have a game idea ? Get in touch with us. We can help bring them to reality !

Software Services

We help boost your business with customised Apps and services

Education and Training

Aspire to be a professional Game Developer ?

Android Games

Games we have built on android platform.

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iOS Games

Games built for iOS platform for clients

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Apps and Ideas

Other technology not limiting to games.

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About Us

We are a team of highly competent computer professionals having many years of inspiring work experience in contemporary technologies with multinational companies like Intel, Hitachi, Adobe, Genpact, Target, Accenture, IBM etc.

We conduct corporate and invidual training for game development

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Articles that share our experiences creating Apps and Games

Unity3D check-in using GIT

gamedev, tips, unity3d

Unity3D check-in using GIT

Posted By pxteam

Unity 3D is a powerful engine but can get hard to maintain on your local machine. ( A small game can easily run into a gb or more of data ) . The best solution would be to check it into a revision system. yay

Using GitLab with Sourcetree

gamedev, tips

Using GitLab with Sourcetree

Posted By pxteam

Gitlab is the new beast in town when it comes to GIT Repositories.
Why is Gitlab so awesome ?

Its faster than bitbucket when it comes to pull and commits. ( As the project size increased we found BitBucket to crawl ) . Github

Character movement with vectors- Unit Length vectors

gamedev, Tutorials

Character movement with vectors- Unit Length vectors

Posted By Kirti P

Character movement with vectors- Unit Length vectors
Normalized Vectors or Unit length vectors are very useful and used everywhere in game development.
Consider the example of Pacman(P) and the ghost, Inky (I). Lets say we want the Pacman to move away from Inky but also