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Candy Gliders

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Candy Gliders

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Candy Gliders – our latest game, is all about collecting candies stolen by the aliens from the Candy Forest. Use your reflexes and ingenuity to collect candies and goodies along the way, but watch out! The journey is full of hurdles, with islands, rocky cliffs, sharp objects, lasers, machinery and of-course, aliens!

story_sofar1At the start of the game, a news bulletin of The Candy Forest Times is shown. This helps the player connect with the character early on, create a bond and add a fun element to the game.Throughout the game, there are a lot of opportunities for the chicken to die, the player ends up rooting for the character even more.

Character Design

We wanted to keep the character design simple and memorable. Something that was scared to make a stand but when had its back to the wall has no option but to fight ! Chicken to the rescue :D…


One of the challenges we faced was giving the flightless chicken a personality and ability to fly and glide. We achieved this by introducing the concept of – Gliders.

The Glider has two function:

  1.  It helps the chicken to fly, so that she can collect as many candies required to clear a level
  2.  We can put across the point of collection three matching candies equals a combo candy( which results in change of the glider color).


Awesome Gameplay :
– Make use of your skills to navigate the Glider through treacherous environment and collect those candies.
– Fight awesome unique mini bosses
– More than 20+ awesomely crafted levels to test your skills ( more coming soon… )

Online Features

– Challenge your friends to beat your high score through Social media.
– Compete with other players all over the world with Leaderboards on Google Play Services
– Request and Send Lives to your friends on Facebook
– Target personal goals through Achievements and unlocks

Press KitAvailable on GDrive


feature Candy Gliders main screen Levels Screen Ingame Candy Gliders Ingame Candy Gliders
  • Developer: Pixtell Labs, India
  • Release Date: October 2nd, 2016 (Android)
  • DLC Content: None
  • Platform Pages: Android
  • Price: Free
  • Availability: Digital Download on Google Play Store
  • ESRB: E for everyone
  • File Size: ~25 MB
  • Press Contact: pixtell.labs[at]gmail.com
  • Social: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
  • Description: Aliens have captured all candies from the little birds !Only way to get those candies back is to defeat the alien tech… But wait how would a flightless bird fly ? Just when they were about to give up they come across gliders that would help regain their territory from the aliens and get their candies back !Thus the 121 Glider Contingent was formed to take back Candy Forest back from the Aliens !!Candy Gliders is a wonderful game that will test your reflex and challenge your skills to the extreme ! An ideal game to pick play during your commute or when bored at a meeting or a party !!