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Posted By PV Kini

Game design We Bring Game Designer’s Concept to Life

The gaming industry is a fascinating and awesome place that is constantly evolving and being driven forward by new technologies, markets and user experiences. Games are more diverse than ever. Game Art Design is  is the process of creating the artistic aspects for video games and game art is at the heart of video game design.

At Pixtell, our art designer’s work revolves around visual elements of a game. We have developed in house  expertise in level design, character design, environmental art, UV mapping and texturing, lighting, animation and rigging, as well as concept art.  We understand that these are vital to the core visual elements of the game.

Diwali rocket main screenOur game artists work well together as one unit to make sure the vision of the game is met. Due to wide spectrum of expertise that fill the “video game art” position, no one can ideally fit all roles. We have artists good at sketching for say concept art,  texture artists  in creating killer texture work for the game, Modelers for creating 3D arts and characters, Animators for creating realistic animation of game characters.

If you are looking for cost-effective and Quality game art services services that are aimed at various platforms , please contact us with your requirements.