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Enable Gamecenter Sandbox

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Enable Gamecenter Sandbox

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Enable Gamecenter Sandbox

Posted By Kirti P

Apple Game CenterFirst thing when you start writing games using Gamecenter for iOS platform ( Sadly Apple bluntly rejects all the apps that make use of Google Game Services ) is the sandbox mode for testing your leaderboards,achievements etc…

Several posts on forums and blogs talk about creating a testing account and doing crazy voodoo stuff to get into sandbox mode. Read all that for a while and the ever increasing frustration writing games for the iOS platform was @#$@#$ ..

And yeah, finally went to the Apple site ( a plain and hard to read page which has no styling what so ever to make life harder ) , found out it was easy !

So here are the steps:

  1. Uninstall your development build on iOS device
  2. Go to Settings -> GameCenter and log out of your exiting account ( click on the email-id and a popup will appear to logout )
  3. A small slider below show “sandbox” , enable that !
  4. DONOT  login on the settings tab , instead install your development app and login through it when asked for authentication using your normal Apple account ( the one you use for buying apps will do just fine )
  5. You should now be logged into GameCenter

We have also noticed that in case you are creating a multi player game using Apple gamecenter API the clients keep disconnecting every one minute or so..

Happy development !

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