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UI Design is one of the major factors for the success of any game. Generally the UI should be more intuitive to make it easier for the gamer to play with. Our 3D/2D designers have great skills and experience in creating quality digital art that are crisp, unique, eye catching and pleasant. We extensively use Autodesk MAYA for 3D Modeling and Adobe Photoshop for 2D art design.

Digital 3D Graphics and 2D Art are memory intensive and  requires better designing techniques. Improperly designed graphics take a big toll on overall performance of the game. Every graphics used in the game will have to go through optimization process to enhance game performance and provide better experience to the end user.

We offer the following services :-

  • Game Art & design
  • 3D Modeling / 2D Art
  • Character Animation


Irrespective of the game engine and programming language used, all game code follows a general code structure, often known as the game structure or game code structure. This structure makes sure helps you set up, run, and terminate the game properly. Using a basic game structure is one of the best ways to make programming a game much easier for when the project beings to grow.

The basic game structure consists of three main areas; initialization, the game loop and termination. The first section is initialization and it is where you set up everything you need to get your game going. You’ll want to set up two sets of variables and set up anything else you may need :

  • The game engine variables
  • The game object variables
  • Images, Sprites, etc..

A game loop (or video game loop or main loop) loops the main code of your game while the game is still running. Without such a game loop, all the code in your game would run only once and then the game would be over because the computer had no more code to execute.

The final section is the Termination section. This is where you perform cleanup and any other tasks that you may want to do before shutting down the game.

We provide our clients with a professional and reliable cost-effective programming services for game development. We have many years of programming experience in C, C#, Java and  JavaScript under UNITY game development engine.  We have the  domain knowledge of design & development of software for any type of video game.


Software Testing is the process used to identify the correctness, completeness, and quality of the product. The process involves executing the software or product under positive and negative conditions manually( or automatically ) to check specification, functionality and performance and uncover any error, bug, fault or failure. The product will have to go thru ‘Testing Life Cycle’ to ensure the quality of the game. The testing levels include unit testing, integration testing, system testing, Alpha & Beta Testing, Acceptance Testing and finally performance Testing. In performance testing, the product is subjected to stress, volume, regression etc to observe how the game behaves under extreme conditions.

We provide our clients with a professional and reliable cost-effective testing services. Our experienced testers understand both the technical and playability aspects of the game. We will test how well the game performs under normal and extreme conditions to ensure better end user experience.

Our testing process comprises of  the following :-

  • Functional testing
  • Game play and experience testing
  • Load testing
  • Regression testing
  • Compliance testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Localization testing
  • Network testing
  • Beta testing

If you are looking for cost-effective and quality software services for your  games , please contact us with your requirements.